The Tour

This is intended to give you a quick overview of what nanotodo is and does.

First, the real basics: nanotodo keeps track of your tasks. You enter them in the text box, they stay in your list until you check them off.

List Options. You can click on the down arrow on a list to get options that pertain to it, like renaming it, whether completed tasks show up in the list, and how the list is sorted.

Adding details to an item. Double-clicking on a task gives you a screen where you can add more information, such as a due date, priority, a note describing the task, and tags that allow you to sort and group tasks based on common features (subject area, person responsible, etc.).

Adding more lists. To add more lists, click on the plus sign to the right of the tabs. In this view, additional lists have been created for "Work", "Home", and "Vacation".

Changing the priority. It is possible to edit the priority or the note, or send an item to another list, from the down arrow that appears when mousing over a task.

Adding a password and changing time & date settings. Within the "Settings" link at the top right (visible in the first screenshot above), is is possible to set a password, the time zone, the title of the task list, and other time and date options.

Quick entry of tags and priority. You can enter task priority or add tags by surrounding them with slashes. Priority goes before the task description, tags go after. So a +2 item tagged "HighPriority" could be entered as follows:

Using tags. When items are tagged, the tag shows up in bold underline after the task description. Hovering over a tag with your mouse shows only tasks with that tag. Clicking on the tag does nearly the same thing, but collapses the view and allows you to filter on multiple tags.

If you have any questions, feel free to email